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Curriculum vitae

M.D., General Practitioner, now in Eisenstadt (Burgenland, Austria), before in Vienna and in Eichgraben (Lower Austria).

I was introduced into homeopathy by Mathias Dorcsi in 1978, practice homeopathy since 1983, started very soon with lecturing, teaching, publishing and doing remedy-provings (Acidum succinicum, Magnesium fluoratum, Ginkgo biloba.), later with special emphasis on dreams and on "small" but wellknown (?) remedies like Berberis, Rhododendron, Convallaria (book: Berberis, Rhododendron, Convallaria, - From Dream Essence to Essential Remedy, Burgdorf, Göttingen - together with Uta Santos-König), and recently (2001 –2003) of Vitis vinifera (together with Gerda Dauz).

- For 11 years I worked in the managing board of the ÖGHM (Austrian Society for Homeopathic Medicine). Also some research experiences with the „Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Homöopathie“, Vienna; Homeopathic childrens' ambulance for 3 years in St Anna Kinderspital, Vienna. Since 1990 lecturer at the University of Vienna, Medical Faculty introducing students (mainly of medicine) into homeopathy. Member of the teaching staff of the „Augsburger Dreimonatskurse“ in Germany. Supervisor and Teaching Practice in my office in Eisenstadt.

1996: Book „Durch Ähnliches Heilen – Homöopathie in Österreich“, Orac, Vienna. Seminars, lectures, teaching programmes, mostly with video-documentated cases, also in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Italy. March 99: Seminar in Rome, organized by Massimo Mangialavori with whom I also had a common seminar in November 98 in Salzburg, Austria. Member of the Editorial Board of „Homeopathic Links“ since 1991, guest editor in 1996 and 97. Cooperation with David Kent Warkentin, - recent contributions to “MacRepertory” and “ReferenceWorks”.

- During the last years emphasis on quality of homeopathic prescriptions („Good Homeopathic Practice Score“) and the theme of documentation in homeopathy („Unloved Child ...“). Together with Günther Nemeth I developed a computerized documentation and office management programme: >WISDOC<. After unfortunately being cut down lecturing at the University of Vienna since Autumn 2001 because of political and financial reasons I succeeded to recover my project: Thanks to the cooperation with pharmacist Robert Müntz and Christian Kurz, N.D., homeopathy could survive being lectured now in my new home town of Eisenstadt. Now, after only one year of lecturing in Eisenstadt, I am mainly working with my patients and giving courses and seminars at different localities …


Hahnemann’s AUDE SAPERE is literally important for me: The SAPERE counts for the scientific and logical part of homeopathy, - but the AUDE for what we are doing more with our heart than with the brain ...

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